Nowadays, most of the traffic your website will receive is going to come from mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones, basically. That means your website must be able to cope with whatever device your customer is using, and give them an automatically adjusted version of your site that will maximise their shopping experience. A happy shopper is a more likely to become a customer, and TigerStep, as early adopters of the technology, know exactly how important it is to obey our prime webstore directive: “Don’t Make Your Customer Work”.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design targeted at constructing websites that provide a perfect viewing and interaction experience for your customer. A responsive site is easy to read and navigate, and handles resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices automatically.

Most sites we design and build use WordPress, because it’s a robust, straightforward, manageable platform ideally suited to search engine optimisation and responsive design considerations. We only use themes that are responsive, to ensure that your website looks great on any possible device, from the widest screen desktop to the tiniest smartphone, and is ultra-simple for your customer to navigate. On a TigerStep-designed site, your customers will find what they are looking for fast, and that increases the chances of them purchasing from you rather than a competitor.

After all, ask yourself this question:- when YOU buy online, how often do you back out of a store because it’s all become too difficult? How frequently do you give up and go somewhere else, in search of a more enjoyable shopper experience? At TigerStep, our aim to to stop that happening, and make sure the maximum possible percentage of visitors get out the credit card. That’s why responsive design is so incredibly important nowadays.

Responsive website design. It’s all in the scalability.