If you want to reinstall Lexx, are familiar with the process of reinstalling WordPress plugins, and all you need is the latest version, here’s the ZIP file:- tslexx.zip or click this button:-

Once you have downloaded the latest version you can reinstall Lexx by following these instructions-


Before you will be able to reinstall Lexx, you must go to the ‘Plugins’ page of your WordPress Dashboard. In the list of installed plugins, find your current version of the plugin, and click ‘Deactivate’.



Once a plugin is deactivated, you can delete it.



Now it’s possible to reinstall Lexx by clicking the ‘Add New’ button at the top of the screen.



The screen will change to show an ‘Upload Plugin’ button. This allows you to upload the ZIP file you previously downloaded at the start of the process.

A file dialog box will open, and you can navigate on your computer to where you saved the download. On a Mac, this will usually be your ‘downloads’ folder. On a PC, good luck finding it 🙂



Select the ZIP you just downloaded, then click the ‘Install Now’ button.


Reactivate the plugin, and you’re good to go!

Reinstalling Lexx is easy, and you should keep her up to date because we enhance and improve Lexx constantly, to keep on top of changes made by the search engines. The plugin has been compressed with TigerStep’s own WP Compactor, and at time of writing is under 50k, so it loads like lightening, runs like the clappers, and imposes almost no overhead on your WP installation either when you’re editing, or when a visitor loads a page.