(continued from The Lexx Plugin – what is it? ) How did the search engines solve that problem? By extending the initial quality checks they have always applied to new content. Basically, if a new post can’t get over this low initial hurdle, it will never get a chance to strut its stuff, and prove it deserves to rank highly.

And THAT’S why your post isn’t featuring, and the reasons why it’s failing to get over that low initial quality hurdle may surprise you. If you’ve written the post yourself, and taken some care, it probably isn’t a quality issue, or a result of duplicate content filtering, it’s more likely to be an accidental side effect. Most likely, your post simply isn’t targeting the keywords or phrases you assume it is, which is why you can’t find it when you search for those keywords on Google etc. If you are relying on older less accurate tools such as SEOpressor, you will almost certainly have inadvertently ‘stuffed‘ the post with lexically similar variations of keywords (‘cat’ and ‘cats’, for example) that the engines regard as identical, thereby tripping the keyword density filters accidentally. Boom. Other plugins such as SEOpressor can’t help you with any of these problems:- they don’t figure out what keywords your page is targeting, they expect you to already know. Worse, they use the ancient and cranky ‘keyword density’, while search engines now use ‘keyword prominence‘, a far more sophisticated method of detecting page stuffing.

So what can Lexx do about this? In order for your page to even get a shot at the big time, it must first pass that low quality hurdle, a variation of which is applied by all engines. To understand that hurdle, think about it like this:- visualise how you yourself judge the quality of a page, when you are surfing. If you search for ‘Trump’ and the engines send you to a page that is just that one word, repeated 1,000 times, you’ll hit the back button immediately. Likewise if you visit the page and can’t find any reference to President ClownFart in the first few sentences, you’ll probably give up and bounce back to Google, looking for something more relevant. Those are extreme examples, but they should give you an idea about how a few easily-calculated metrics can be used to perform a preliminary first pass on new content, with a view to giving a page a shot at the title. The Lexx plugin is designed to make sure your post doesn’t fall at this first hurdle and is seen as being of sufficient quality to be worth trying out in the constant bounce rate competition stakes.

Lexx will keep you out of the ‘Eternal Waste Bin Of Despair’!

The Lexx plugin can get your post past that point, after which it’s down to the quality of your writing, and the fickle attentions of the public. That’s why programmatic solutions to the question of post quality must always take second place to real human-generated metrics, and why even great content will never be seen if the engines make a preliminary decision to flag it as spam, because that will remove any incentive to list it (even temporarily) for relevant searches. There’s a lot of great content banished to the ‘eternal waste-bin of despair’ because of simple beginner errors Lexx would have picked up automatically. Lexx uses the concept of Keyword Prominence to check your post, and will tell you how close you are to being confident Google will take you seriously, and give your work a shot. End result? The average quality of all content online goes up, and the web becomes a better place for all! And unlike older keyword density tools such as SEOpressor, the Keyword Prominence methodology employed by Lexx will make sure you don’t inadvertently do something silly that will make the search indexes recoil in horror. The Lexx Plugin will also tell you automatically what keywords or phrases you are targeting, which isn’t something the older tools like SEOpressor do:- you have to already know what words are important in your article, and constantly type them into a box. Download Lexx here:-


The Lexx Plugin For WordPress

For the technically-minded, the Lexx plugin’s source is open, and has been compressed by over 50% to save on system resources using TigerStep’s fabulous ‘WP Compactor’ system. Keyword prominence is based on keyword density, but incorporates lexically identical words (for example, “dog” is lexically equivalent to “dogs” or “dog’s” and will be included in any calculation a search engine makes in determining whether or not you are keyword stuffing). It also factors in keyword position:- in a well-written article, keywords will be spread around reasonably well; they won’t be clustered. Lexx will give you advice about the various factors that comprise the keyword prominence of your article, and how you can improve them simply, or target them deliberately.

Great Content the easy way

The plugin is ultra-high quality and super-fast, and has pop-up help text on every item that may be of interest to you.

The Lexical WP Plugin that wants to help

Frankly, this is the best free plugin you’re ever going to see, so grab it while it’s free!