What is The Lexx Plugin for WordPress from TigerStep? more info
Help for the Lexx Plugin more info

Download the latest version of the Plugin, free and in ZIP file format:- tslexx.zip or click this button:-

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, if you are re-installing Lexx, follow the reinstallation instructions. Otherwise, if this is your first-ever installation:-


Go to the ‘Plugins’ page of your WordPress Dashboard, and click the ‘Add New’ button at the top of the screen.



The screen will change to show an ‘Upload Plugin’ button. This allows you to upload the ZIP file you just downloaded at the start of the process.



Click ‘Choose File’ to select the ZIP file you just downloaded, then click the ‘Install Now’ button.


Click the ‘Activate Plugin’ button, and you’re good to go!

Once you have installed Lexx, whenever you create or edit a post or page, you can see plugin box over on the right. In that box is your post’s overall quality score, and a short list of the most important keywords or phrases that dominate your post. It’s important to understand that the percentages displayed are not ‘keyword density’, which is an older, out-of-date simplistic technique used by tools such as SEOpressor. Instead, it’s the more modern (and accurate) Keyword Prominence method, which is designed to get you over the first hurdle all engines place in the way of new content; a hurdle that eliminates almost all auto-generated or blatant spam pages form the SERPs.

Keyword Prominence essentially looks at a page as a human would, and the factors involved are more complicated than simply counting how often a keyword or phrase occurs. The positioning of the keyword within the post, the presence of lexically equivalent words (‘cats’ as well as ‘cat’, for example), and a range of other related factors all sum up to provide a keyword prominence for your post that will determine whether or not the search engines will index it properly and give it a shot, or whether they will dump it into the vast ‘bin of despair’, or even worse, ignore it altogether. The Lexx Plugin is designed to get you over that first hurdle, and if your article is well written, it WILL get traffic!

At every step of the way, Lexx herself is there to give you advice and recommend how you can raise your quality score, and most of the objects in the plugin box have pop-up micro text that will help you understand what’s going on. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!